Here's just a few of the Iberian horses we've saved, over the years.

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IHR Darlina

IHR saved Darlina from slaughter, and adopted her to one of our members who had the means to care for her laminitis and training issues, in 2015.  An update as of April, 2018, she reports that Darlina is now sound and is starting training to be a riding horse, again. 

We are thrilled with Darlina's progress and can't wait to share her updates!


IHR Firefly

IHR saved Firefly from slaughter, in 2015.  We're so happy Firefly has the best adopter for her!

"She has made great progress. She lunges and changes lead. I've had a saddle on her back a few times and ran her through obstacles. We have worked on some desensitization exercises. She is loved and adored. I'm very happy to have her," Jaymi O.

Lyrica under saddle 1.jpg

IHR Lyrica

IHR saved Lyrica (then Fawny) from slaughter, in 2015.  Her adopter has put Lyrica into cow horse training and she is "loving it".  Thank you, Kandie B. for giving Lyrica a wonderful home!