IHR Davina was saved from slaughter on Mother's Day, May 14th, 2017.  IHR Davina is approximately 11 years old and 15.3 hands.  IHR Davina is DNA tested Spanish Mustang.  (We have the DNA test on file.  She is 80 to 90% related to American and Registered Spanish Mustangs.) One woman donated toward her purchase from the kill pens.  One woman saved this mare because it's what she does, every year, on Mother's Day, and this is how she remembers her daughter, by helping to save a horse's life.  And, IHR is eternally grateful for her contributions.

IHR Davina came into our program hard to handle, lame, body sore, and with neglected hooves, one of which had over 5" of excess growth!  At that time, she was thrown into the kill pens because she didn't take to her last breeding.  Today, a little more than a year later, she has had 18 hoof trims, has been taught to lunge, she has been saddled, long-lined with a halter, is beginning to wear a bit, and has known nothing but love and regular care.  She lives with two other rescue horses, and although she is not completely sound yet, she has her feet back under her, and her personality is beginning to shine through in everything she does. 

Below is a photographic trail of her journey toward soundness... and finding her forever home.

Adoption fee $1,000 (as of June 2018)

IHR Davina's needs, including hoof care and chiropractic sessions, are paid for by donations made to our "IHR Pegasus Progject".  IHR Pegasus Project was created specifically for horses over the age of ten years, with training and rehabilitation needs to be addressed before they become adoptable.